Photo blog


2019/04/21 15:52:08

While I was walking through Arashiyama, I stumbled upon this mysterious tree.  There were many sacks hung from the branches. 
When you stare hard at it, it is almost as if the sacks are staring back!


2019/04/17 19:10:07

It is still my selection week!
Come see me!
This was some crossdressing/anal sex play!
ale and female sexual role reversal screams femdom! Love it!🤗✨


2019/04/14 18:24:07

Gang rape time! Mistress Rui, Mistress Ayano, Mistress Kaede and I pulled a train!
We wrapped him in saran wrap and between the sweat, lube and cum, this slave ended up really wet and messy!
Lots of fun!


2019/04/11 14:42:07

I turned his bottom into a graffiti ridden pussy...and then I think you can guess what happened next!
I am the Domina Selection Mistress today and the secret words are
'Yes, your Majesty!'.