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2019/01/18 16:00:08


Candy's Sex Series

2019/01/17 15:44:08

Look closely!
My fingers have become like tentacles!
And how I use them depends entirely on you!♡

A Really Big Pee!

2019/01/13 15:18:08

Neon back lighting golden showers! 
We are in the middle of winter so if you don't drink it all it is going to be a problem! 
You will get soaking wet and when you go home you will catch a cold! 
Better open wide and drink fast!♡


2019/01/12 15:10:08

Don't be a pussy! Shake it off and stand the fuck up!ψ(`∇´)ψ

The Lone Candle

2019/01/11 16:34:07

It's standing! Only one candle but it is standing!
He is hiding his face but it is easy to tell he is smiling!
Lots of fun!ψ(`∇´)ψ