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2019/03/19 18:10:08


Dominasm Course!

2019/03/16 15:36:10

He is crazy about anal. 
Can't get enough!
Dry orgasms are his addiction! 
Today, I had to break out a few of my secret weapons to really take it to the next level! 
I have ordered him to never stick things up his ass unless I am there to lead him......but I don't know....
I have a feeling the minute I am gone he is riding on something!

Tickling Candy!

2019/03/15 16:28:08

I love tickling you guys! 
This kinky guy was laughing just from me moving his armpit hair! 
Eventually I ended up riding his belly....but I kept tickling the armpits! 
Full on rodeo mode! 
I love the sensitive perverts! 
Check my twitter for the play movie!

Date Course!

2019/03/13 15:16:09

It was 'go out and walk around with a cutie-pie sissy' day.
First I did her nails up nice to put her into full-on sexy woman mode!
She was feeling it! And when she would lift her skirt,
I could see her pretty little panties!
So fun!
Come back to Osaka soon!ψ(`∇´)ψ

Human toilet level 2

2019/03/12 19:40:08

This toilet couldn't stop smiling from start to finish.
Misress Hibiki and I covered him in cream and then we peed him clean!
Spic and span! Lucky toiet!