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2019/01/31 15:38:07

Why is it every time I step all over some kinky guy, his hands go immediately to his dick?
Because he realizes that under my perfect feet is where he brings?
You do realize that when I am standing on you is when you are the most cute, right?!


2019/01/29 17:00:08

When you are spraying enema fluid everywhere, you gotta show me!
We can kill two birds with one stone!
You get a clean passage for anal sex and I get to feel good laughing at you!<丶`∀´>


2019/01/26 15:38:08

Dangle dangle!
It's hung by a chain block day! Yay!( ´艸`)

Psycho Candy!

2019/01/24 15:38:07

Smokin' hot and scary as fuck!
He told me he can't get excited unless he feels here you go!ψ(`∇´)ψ

It's Anal Time!

2019/01/23 15:42:07

He has only dipped his toe in the anal play pool! 
What does the first timer feel while I was touching him? 
It feels strange! It feels strange!  It feels strange......and great! 
I want it more! 
Shudder, shudder, dry orgasm!  

The drunken stupor and the weakened body! 
Well don't worry. 
That is not is almost time for Mr. Fist!