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Enema with Candy Day!

2019/08/28 14:40:07

Round 1 was pretty uncomfortable.
But the second infusion.....I didn't stop until he cried!
Once he started to release, there was no stopping!
And then he cleaned the toilet!
Doesn't get more fun than this!*\(^o^)/*

Pastoral girl

2019/08/23 15:44:06

Fully restrained pervert.
He begged me that if I took any pictures to make sure that I posted them on Instagram.
So I blurred out his perverted, little dick and now I am posting! ψ (` ∇´) ψ

Cross dressing

2019/08/21 15:22:06

Who was the excited slave screaming 'I feel so ashamed!'?!
Who was the excited slave that moaned like a bitch when I touched her asspussy?
Yes, this is perversion! ψ (` ∇´) ψ
I want to amp it up even more! ★

Salon de Candy

2019/08/16 17:18:06

I recently had a customer come visit me that identifies as a dominant male.  It was his first time to visit an SM club.  It was also his first time to dress fully as a woman and take it up the ass!  By the end, I had him wondering if he wasn't a submissive male all along.  But he has some work to do.  He didn't really seem to enjoy it when I took his anal virginity.  He is going to have to learn to love it to earn a spot among my slaves!(´-`).。oO

Adult Toys!

2019/08/09 15:24:06

I tried throwing mustard into the enema fluid.
Those who want a stimulating enema, give it a try! ~ ψ (` ∇´) ψ
It was a fun day and the first time to meet since Christmas!