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Salon de Candy

2019/11/29 14:52:08

Fem Milk returned to me after a long time.
We dressed up and went out in our long boots,
As for play, I stuffed my panties in Milk's mouth, after she spent some time kissing my sanitary napkin.  It had her so horny, I couldn't post the picture!
Let's have another Girl's day out again soon.( ´艸`)


2019/11/27 14:02:06


Adult Toys!

2019/11/22 11:46:07

I used my enema bulb to torture.....his nose!
When the fluid went in, it rushed back out his nose and mouth!
It was my first time to punish a nose and I had a great time!

Adult toy

2019/11/21 10:30:06

A day of forced feminization! You should say thank you for making you into such a pretty sissy!\(^o^)/

Ball Kicking!

2019/11/16 16:12:06

A new member joined my busted balls club!
He learned first hand that the longer he can endure, the more time he gets to spend with me!
Always so fun to kick in the balls of all you kinky guys!
The ones that hold out the longest are always the most fun!