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Men's Salon

2019/12/28 15:26:06

It was a chance for him to just lay back - restrained of course - and enjoy the sensation of me tickling his entire body. 
So many time he told me about how good I looked....and how good he felt!  Check Twitter for the movie!


2019/12/21 16:38:05

He is the king on two fronts!  Fisting and squirting!  Every time that I stick my fist up his ass, he squirts all over!  It didn't just happen overnight!  This was a work in progress.  Little by little and step by step!  Now he is the top of the mountain.....but we can take it even further!ψ(`∇´)ψ

Tied up Tight!

2019/12/18 16:00:07

Tie up the teacher tight day!  He hasn't been around for a while!
Tied up tight with no control over what happens to your erect penis really makes you excited!  And lets be real: the more excited you are, the more fun it becomes!  As long as you are tied, you can never escape from me!  Let's play again, Teacher!
A little bit of Salon and a whole lot of tickling!
My pervert loves this because he can be touched in many places by The Can!  He says it is the best!
I guess he enjoys a little bit of heaven.....and a little bit of hell! ψ (ψ´) ψ
Definitely going to be a movie on Twitter (´-`) .¡oO
The pervs reaction was awesome.  He had no control!
Isn't that the best?

Tickling Course Candy

2019/12/13 15:26:07

This pervert wanted to be tickled by an office lady!  So I put on my suit and then to punish him, I confined him to the merry go round horse.  That way, the horsy could tickle his privates without my help! Haha!  Balance is key!ψ(`∇´)ψ