Photo blog

Domina toilet bowl

2020/03/25 15:00:06

I met this toilet for the first time in a long time! I passed the time telling him what a depraved little toilet he was.

 He absorbed all the fluid that came from my mouth and my.....🐱!
 He looks like a slutty nurse holding that syringe (ψ´) ψ

Tickling Candy!

2020/03/18 15:28:06

This time, I really concentrated on tickling his back and neck!
In previous visits to me,  I always restrained him while he was lying on his back.  But this time, he was restrained face down!  So much fun!

Lingerie Clad Pervert

2020/03/14 18:16:07

A photo from a sissy transformation.
 How embarrassing! Dressed like a slut!
 It was a day of extortion!

Reeling in Ceremony

2020/03/11 15:12:07

Rui, Akira and I celebrated the day of the nipple reeling in ceremony.!
This reel was super fun ψ (` ∇´) ψ
One tick tugs the nipples and the masochist's ass begins to stick up in the air!.
Hard to describe!

Salon de Candy

2020/03/05 16:46:07

It was play with Ms. Milk day again!
The theme of  her makeup on this day was spring and pink!
Pink glittering galaxy lip gloss is cute (´-`).
It was a destructive day for Ms. Milk!
After that, Ms. Milk was drenched in holy water and a bloody napkin and tampon.
Ms. Milk....she is crazy!