Photo blog

His fetish is for me to manage his ejaculations....and ufortunately for him, we haven't met for a few years! (laughs)
The cum denial was very diffcult for him and he promised me that he would do anything for a chance to shoot his load..
So I peed in his mouth and made him drink it all!
It is important for me to make my slaves work hard!

7/1~10 Candy, Selection ('-`)..oO
The secret word is that the mystery of bananas is still a mystery!

Confinement restraint course

2020/06/20 16:10:07

His face was hid for the photo, but we made sure he could look at himself in the mirror while he waited for the next Mistress! (´-`).
He got so hard looking at himself and I had to take a photo while I waited for the next Mistress!

Lifting the Ban!

2020/06/11 14:50:06

The Golden Shower ban has been lifted!
Nice to be back to normal!(´-`).。oO

Adult toys

2020/06/06 15:16:06

When it was all said and done, he was covered in sex toys!  Ass, nipples etc.!  Between his moaning and my laughing, it sounded like a party in the room!  Of course, there was some tickling involved!  Check out my twitter for a video clip!


2020/06/03 15:10:07

He requested that I write 'pussy' graffiti all over his face with magic marker. Now he truly is a cuntface 😂!