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In the Bum!

2020/07/30 15:36:07

Can you see what I am holding?  I put them in his bum!
Bum Plums!
It is the job of a chef to create as many different, pleasing flavors as possible....but this in one flavor I don't recommend that you try! haha!  So much fun!


2020/07/16 15:52:06

I had a first time customer looking to get anal raped! 
We started with a simple toy at first and there wasn't much reaction......but he eventually warmed up and started to get really into it!
It is so fun to watch the inner pervert come out! 
I really want to foster his perversions even more!(´-`).。oO

Tickling with Candy!

2020/07/10 14:50:07

The bristly brush is really getting popular with the tickling fetish crowd!
The sound of the vibrator and the thrill of the brush really seems to excite him!
He is at his highest sensitivity! ❤︎

Tickling Candy!

2020/07/01 16:44:06

It's been a while since I met my favorite tickle recipient.
The best part was that he had become even more sensitive after the long break!. <佀∀´>
I uploaded the video on Twitter!

Speaking of tickling, I tickled a young lady in a 3P with Mistress Jyuria!, It was a lot of fun ('`)
Girls feel the best♡

The secret password of the selection is that the mystery of bananas is still a mystery.