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2019/05/21 12:20:20

オマエの頭の中は体臭 体液 の事でイッパイにしてあげる



2019/05/20 17:26:17

He begged to have his balls of course I obliged! 
A little bit of slapping, and little bit of pulling and a whole lot of squeezing!  Great exercise for my grip strength! 
Come back again and lets take it a step further!


2019/05/17 10:38:14

When people put masks on their faces, they lose all of their inhibitions! 
But when you mask their cocks, they become moaning little sissies! 
When I play with their dick like a toy, they moan even more!


2019/05/10 15:50:18

Some of my amateur friends joined me in the sissification of Miss T.
What started as a man ended up as a horny little girl that couldn't stop moaning and begging every time we touched her.
Good girl, Miss T!


2019/05/09 10:46:18

It was an awesome holiday and I had the chance to enjoy some good times and nice weather. Lets enjoy some play in the warmer weather!