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2019/02/28 15:30:17

Many times you.
have wanted to drown in my ass!
It made me so happy that I decided to just keep sitting and enjoying the moment!


2019/02/26 12:36:12

His cock is locked in a chastity cage and he is led by a collar and chain.
Every time he moves the chain and cage remind him he is no longer a man.
He ate from a bowl and also drank....our pee!
He even lifted his leg and peed on a pet sheet like a good pet!


2019/02/23 18:28:16

You have always been a girl at heart but this was the first time that you could get fucked as a submissive woman!
Things are going to get crazier from now on!


2019/02/21 15:12:17

This is the Erectile Power Test and Inspection. Besically I trample your cock to see if you can keep hard.

It looks so pretty shaved smooth that I almost don't want to crush it.... almost.....


2019/02/17 12:26:18

When you have to pee, you usually enter the bathroom.
But what do you do when the bathroom is occupied?
You keep guys like this around!
6 women in succession used this human urinal!
We waited as long as we could before we couldn't hold it anymore!
I think he will remember the smells well!