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2019/08/31 09:48:18

He is steadily evolving.
A party with my private friends

 Girls who don't know how to play because of play

 If he gets angry, he is punished until frightened.  The slapping will not stop.

 If you are a good boy, it will be really cute and we will be happy!


2019/08/25 15:20:11

Breathe management while being smothered by my beautiful bum. 

 The only thing you breathe is me.

 The desire is to innundated with my body


2019/08/21 08:50:15

It is fun to play with a big dick

I could tell by the way your body reacted, you liked it when I played with my new toy!

Maybe that is why you leaked so much pre-cum!


2019/08/14 12:34:16

He has ultra sensitive nipples.....and when I order him to touch them while I watch, he slips into ecstasy.
Next time, I think that I will arrange a show so that he can perform his dirty little nipple play in front of many!


2019/08/10 14:20:15

Queen Silvia and 3P

So frustrating to live as a man when inside, you are all woman!

She undertook special throat relaxation training.  She will be a cocksucker extraordinaire!