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2019/08/21 08:50:15

It is fun to play with a big dick

I could tell by the way your body reacted, you liked it when I played with my new toy!

Maybe that is why you leaked so much pre-cum!


2019/08/14 12:34:16

He has ultra sensitive nipples.....and when I order him to touch them while I watch, he slips into ecstasy.
Next time, I think that I will arrange a show so that he can perform his dirty little nipple play in front of many!


2019/08/10 14:20:15

Queen Silvia and 3P

So frustrating to live as a man when inside, you are all woman!

She undertook special throat relaxation training.  She will be a cocksucker extraordinaire!


2019/08/07 17:32:17

 I pulled them, rolled them around my hand and tried to stuff them back inside of him.

He was practising deep breathing to manage the pain.

But I didn't stop until he couldn't handle it anymore!.


2019/08/05 16:56:16

He was a woman for a time.....
But today was his coming out as a man.  He grew into a beautiful body with sensitive nipples.  It was so cute to watch his expression with his body quivering!  The ecstasy was a little overwhelming for him!