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2019/05/26 23:50:10




Masumi's Makeover!

2019/05/20 19:12:09

It was my first time to completely feminize a man! 
Make-up and everything! I was nervous but everything turned out great!
Let's do it again!


2019/05/20 08:36:09

A customer brought me a maid costume to dress up in. 
Cosplay is so much fun! 
I am really looking forward to see what costume he brings me next time!

Repeat Customer

2019/05/16 09:12:13

Remember this kinky guy?
He was so happy to be exposed along with his perverted illustration previously that he came back quickly I peed all over his dick while he jerked himself off....all the while begging to appear in the blog again! Kinky!

Whip for Days!

2019/05/12 00:24:11

He needed to be punished and he has a high pain threshold. Basically I was weilding tools of destruction for an hour straight! I think I will wake up tomorrow with sore muscles! So fun! Lets do it again!