Photo blog


2019/08/23 09:00:12

His fantasy was to be punished for being a bad boy by a strict teacher.  And that is where I came in!  Miss Masumi!
I spanked his bottom standing and over my knee!
A lot of people have a fantasy about being punished by a teacher, so if you are one of them, come see me!


2019/08/21 22:10:08

I had my first choke-out fetish customer!
About five seconds after this photo was taken, his eyes rolled up and he went under!  We did it many times and he told me it feels better than cumming!
If you feel the need to let your consciousness float away while wrapped in my thighs, you should come see me.  I am waiting!

Wota life

2019/08/12 21:16:23

Yesterday, I participated in a fun virtual live happens once a year🎤
After seeing a lot of wonderful exhibitions and satisfying my heart, I was able to relieve stress by waving a penlight and jumping up and down during the live 😆
I am starting to beat the heat has become well, so it seems that more and more SM play is in the cards.
By the way, I will start working again tomorrow!

The hot summer continues ☀️
Would you like to release your perversions with me during this time when your body and mind are liberal?