Photo blog


2019/12/29 11:06:13

Mr Y came from Tokyo for his second visit. 
Check the photos to see the difference between the beating I gave him the first time and the beating I gave him the second time. 
Whips...they do a body good!


2019/12/22 11:12:11

Recently, the humbler is my favorite toy.  I locked his balls behind him and beat them with a riding crop.  Just for fun, I sometimes slapped and squeezed them too.  Want to see a grown man cry?  Buy a humbler!

Tapped Out!

2019/12/16 21:18:14

Mr. K. visited with a request to be physically dominated with little to no resistance from of course I choked him the fuck out with a sleeper!  He seemed to really get off on it!  What a bitch!

Serious Beatdown!

2019/12/15 11:38:13

Mr. T loves to be beaten down by women....and he likes it strong!  He opted for my whip course and I really let him have it.  I beat him everywhere. I really laid into his ass but his bum was so strong and thick, it was difficult to mark him!  I guess I need a little practice!

Naughty Teacher

2019/12/08 08:48:09

He was sexually harassing his students so I had to bring him down to size. It was easy to do when you consider he is over 30, short, skinny and still a virgin! Can't wait for our next story play!💖