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2020/09/12 23:02:10



Figure Four Leglock

2020/09/11 14:38:08

He likes compression, strangulation, joint submission techniquest,  and uniforms! He taught me the figure four!
It's still a little awkward, so I'd like to practice more and be able to apply it more smoothly 💪✨
I want to learn a lot of techniques and easily overrun a man who is stronger than me !!!
Next time I'll try to learn the cobra clutch! ~
Fun 🥰

We are accepting reservations for business trips to Tokyo on the 20th and 21st!
Please see the blog for the latest information and details 🙇‍♀️

Tokyo business trip decision!

2020/09/07 16:46:17

 I will be working specially in Ikebukuro, Tokyo for two days, September 20th and 21st (Sunday / Monday / holiday) ❣️
 M man who lives in the Kanto area and has become difficult to come to Osaka due to the influence of corona and M man who has been interested in me for a long time, please come to Ikebukuro at this opportunity 😊  💕
 For more information, please check the latest information on HP or my blog.
 We look forward to a wonderful relationship ✨ ✨

 The image is when I went to DisneySea for the first time in a long time!
 The combination of Tower of Terror and monochrome made it a favorite piece with a slightly old-fashioned atmosphere 😉