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Candles and Cocks!

2019/12/21 21:26:06

Is it a wax covered dick?  Or a dick shaped candle?  Kind of hard to tell! lol!  I will try to make it a little prettier next time so it is easier to see that hard on!

Rope! Rope! Rope! All day!

2019/12/16 00:36:07

Today we tied up the four perverted masochists  ~ 🙌
The photo is my collaboration with Mistress Rui! It was fun to watch how hard their dicks got when they were tied so tight they couldn't move.

It was a day with various reflections and improvements ...
I'll do my best to learn more ways to perform bondage so that I may be able to please a rope-loving masochist!
I peed in the mouths of four perverts yesterday!  That is more than I go pee in a regular day!  So much fun to use these guys as my human toilet! 
And I started Twitter! This one is also going to be updated regularly, so please look forward to it 🙌

I'm also updating my blog.

Three Mistresses and some Pee!

2019/12/12 05:44:06

Mistress Tsuki, Mistress Masumi and I took turns peeing on and in this toilet slave!  I even left him some cups of pee to enjoy after we left!  I hope he liked it!

Little Blue Panties!

2019/12/10 18:00:07

When I walked into the room, he was waiting for me in tiny, blue panties!  Good boy!  He seemed so happy when I peed all over him!  Next time, I hope we can play for a lot longer!