Photo blog


2018/11/11 09:44:08

I went out for a nice prime rib dinner before my European adventure.
It was sooooo yummy!


2018/11/08 19:32:10

I received a mini lipstick set! 
I was so pleased! 
Thank you!

Dr. Yellow and The Sperm Option

2018/11/06 14:44:48

Yesterday I saw Dr. Yellow!  So cool! 
My sperm option is available Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

As soon as I got back from Tokyo

2018/11/06 00:16:08

I met my exclusive client and the timing could not have been better! 
He is a massage therapist and he could work out all of my aches and pains. 
He brought a footbath with him and it was so refreshing! 
My yellow heels were sold so I just have my silver heels left. 
I will have some boots on sale soon to make sure to check it out!

Midnight SM

2018/11/04 10:28:49

Last night at 1 am in the Alpha Inn! 
I am not sure if it was because of the late time,
but for the first time in a while I was completely in the SM zone! 
This is my last trip to Tokyo this year so come and see me!