Photo blog

Body Piecing!

2019/01/15 17:52:48

Recently, the number of perverts begging to be pierced is on the increase! 
I have to replenish my stock every week! 
Don’t be shy! If you want to be pierced and marked as my personal bitch, just let me know!  
Actually, even if you do not ask for it, I might just pierce you anyways. 
We all know that deep down, you all want to wear my personal tag!

Happy Coming of Age Day!

2019/01/15 14:06:47

Looks so funny to see you in diapers! 
One more youngster transforming to an adult!  Lol!


2019/01/13 19:46:47

I am enjoying my long weekend in Osaka! 
Lots of perverts are lining up to see me! 
I will be in Japan until the 10th of February! 
Come and submit!

The Sperm Option

2019/01/12 22:20:07

Today in Osaka the sperm option is available. 
Also, I will be working in Osaka February 1st, 2nd and 3rd. 
The sperm option may be available on the 2nd or 3rd!

I'm home!

2019/01/11 16:02:47

I'm home! I am entertaining human urinals immediately from now!
Next month I am excited to meet all of you in Tokyo!
2019 will also run away.