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Thank you for visiting our Official English Website. 
This is an introduction of our club to prospective clients.

Our club seeks to unite high level dominatrix with submissive 
and/or masochistic customers.  All submissive customers (male and female) are welcome!

Our club employs dominatrix of various appearances, sizes, and skills. 
 All of your secret desires can be fulfilled with our highly trained mistresses.

 Location : Shinkitano area (Juso station) Osaka city Osaka Pref. Japan  
Tel. 81-6-6732-9372 Open 13:00 - 22:00

Photo blog

  • Rui Takamura

    講習 01/23 19:04

    東京へ鞭の講習を受けに行ってきました。 とてもお勉強になりました!

  • Candy

    拘束!監禁 01/23 17:56

    セクシーコスチュームで地毛ロング、セクシーうなじな女装子と会った日。 ロン毛やから髪の毛も縄にまとめて姿勢矯正緊縛。 ブレイズしたりもしてるみたいやから、お互いブレイズのタイミングに会えたらおもろいなっ! がっつりメイクしてお外にでも出てみよーψ(`∇´)ψ

  • Mizuki

    撮影 01/23 11:38

    ひっさびさの撮影。 黒髪からプラチナブロンドになって初の撮影なので、新鮮なできあがりになるのではないでしょうか? たのしみ!

  • Silvia

    あざとい 01/22 18:04


  • Candy

    緊縛 01/22 16:22

    海老反りフェティッシュな変態に会ったの日。 あーやこーや言いながら縄を足していく。 縄が増えるとどんどんギチギチになっていき、変態はどんどん興奮する。 ギチギチフェティッシュ楽しかったー! また縛らしてくださいψ(`∇´)ψ

  • Masumi

    逆エビ 01/22 04:34

    兎に角女の子に苦しいことをされるのが大好きなYくん。 定番の圧迫顔騎と絞め技に加え、関節技やプロレス技なども駆使して60分遊び抜きました💪 写真は今回初めて挑戦したプロレス技の逆エビ固め! 一瞬だまし絵的なものと見間違う程に見事に身体が反っていますね〜🦐 今回のセッションをきっかけに、マゾにかけてみたい技が沢山増えました。 まだまだ初心者なので完璧ではないですが、私に制圧されて男としてのプライドをへし折られたい子はお気軽にリクエストしてね💕

Deposit policy

Due to a high volume of no-shows of our foreign customers, we have had to institute a mandatory non-refundable deposit policy.

All clients will be asked to provide a 40% credit card deposit
(plus 12% credit card processing fee) for reservations one or more days before the appointment.

Once the credit card payment has cleared, the appointment will be confirmed. This payment is non-refundable for cancellations and no-shows.
All transactions will take place in Japanese Yen.
The remainder of the session fee can be settled in cash (Japanese Yen only) or credit card payment with our Mistresses before the beginning of the session.

As deposits are non-refundable, we strongly suggest you make sure of your availability on the day of your appointment. In short, cancellations before the appointment as well as no shows will result in the loss of the 40%  deposit. We want to provide a satisfying experience to both our customers as well as our employees and a loss of deposit is disappointing for both parties.

Please remember that reservations will not be confirmed until the deposit fee credit card payment has cleared.
In order to ensure Mistress availability, it is important to pay the deposit fee as quickly as possible so we may confirm your reservation immediately after the payment has cleared.

Also please note that this is not an extra charge.
Your deposit will count towards your total session fee.
Deposit fee + remaining session fee = total session fee.
For example, if your total session fee is 18000 yen, you must pay 8064 yen (this includs 12% credit card processing fee )via credit card before the reservation can be confirmed.
You are responsible for the remaining session fee  -9936 yen - after your deposit has been cleared and reservation confirmed.
The remaining session fee (9936 yen in our example) will be paid to the Mistress at the beginning of your session.

Exceptions can be made to the refund policy in the case of natural disasters.
In these cases, customers may choose to carry over the deposit for another date, or if that is not possible, the customer will be provided a full refund minus the 12% credit card processing fee.(7200 Yen in exsample)

We thank you for your understanding and we ask that should you have any questions regarding the deposit fee, please contact the shop via e-mail.

Credit Card Payment


Instructions for Credit Card Payments: 

**It is important to note that all credit card payments are subject to a 12% additional surcharge to cover the credit card processing fee.

1) Please click the 'Credit Card Payment' banner on the Official English Website page.  You will be taken to the 'Keyword' page.  
2) Please enter the keyword 'domina' in the 'Authentication Key' box and press enter.  Please note that 'domina' is all spelled with small letter . You will then be taken to the 'Terms of Service and Agreement' page.
3) Please read the terms of service and agreement page and should you deem it acceptable, click the 'agree' button. You will be taken to the payment page.
4) Please enter the agreed upon payment amount in Japanese Yen and the correct information in all of the required fields.  Important Note: All transactions must be carried out in Japanese Yen.
5) After the payment is made, please contact the shop by e-mail to alert us of your payment.

***Should any questions  or problems arise, we encourage you to contact us so that we may help you.  Thank you..



    [12/29 15:40]
    We would like to inform you that our club will be closing for holiday season starting from Sunday, December 29th 18:00 to January 3rd.

    We will reopen on Saturday, January 4th, 2020.

    Please note that any messages and emails will not be checked during the closure.
    This is to wish you a wonderful holiday season.
  • Deposit

    [04/15 23:24]

    Due to a high volume of no-shows of our foreign customers, we have had to institute a mandatory non-refundable deposit policy.
  • Coupon News

    [05/16 18:52]
    New customers are encouraged to use our 'Welcome Coupon'. 

     All first time customers are eligible for a 3000 yen discount off 
    of their session fee simply by telling the reception staff t
    hat you would like to receive the discount.  

    Customers that contact staff with a blocked cellular phone number are ineligible. 
    *Please note: First time customers still must pay the hotel fee 
    and a nomination fee- a 1000 yen fee applied to customers
    that choose a specific Dominatrix.


  • Mizuki

    B97 W58 H61
  • Candy

    B84 W56 H82
  • Rui Takamura

    B85 W64 H90
  • Tsuki

    B80 W57 H83