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    Mistress Yuki

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Thank you for visiting our Official English Website. 
This is an introduction of our club to prospective clients.

Our club seeks to unite high level dominatrix with submissive 
and/or masochistic customers.  All submissive customers (male and female) are welcome!

Our club employs dominatrix of various appearances, sizes, and skills. 
 All of your secret desires can be fulfilled with our highly trained mistresses.

 Location : Shinkitano area (Juso station) Osaka city Osaka Pref. Japan  
Tel. 81-6-6732-9372 Open 13:00 - 22:00

Photo blog


    JYURIA 02/21 15:12

    This is the Erectile Power Test and Inspection. Besically I trample your cock to see if you can keep hard. It looks so pretty shaved smooth that I almost don't want to crush it.... almost.....

  • Ayano

    絶対握ってあげない宣言! 02/21 09:18

    私の意思の硬さが左手にも表情にも😜 よきplayだったな〜♡写真見ると思い出す よね!

  • Hibiki

    Hibiki 02/20 16:46

    I will appear in the show on March 2nd of next month ☆ I am thrilled to have a show after a long while ♪ Tickets can be purchased from the shop.  Please call and inquire! I am waiting. I am planning to make it different from the usual play. My model will be a retty girl!😍

  • Rui Takamura

    Gravure Japan 02/20 14:48

    Mistress Alum was featured.recently on the site "Fuzoku japan" Please take a moment and check out Alum's unique and beautiful image! You won't be disappointed!

  • Rui Takamura

    Big Nipples! 02/19 21:28

    The screws fit perfectly because it is big. It's cute, isn't it?


    JYURIA 02/17 12:26

    When you have to pee, you usually enter the bathroom. But what do you do when the bathroom is occupied? You keep guys like this around! 6 women in succession used this human urinal! We waited as long as we could before we couldn't hold it anymore! I think he will remember the smells well!

Credit Card Payment


Instructions for Credit Card Payments: 

1) Please click the 'Credit Card Payment' banner on the Official English Website page.  You will be taken to the 'Keyword' page.  
2) Please enter the keyword 'domina' in the 'Authentication Key' box and press enter.  Please note that 'domina' is all spelled with small letter . You will then be taken to the 'Terms of Service and Agreement' page.
3) Please read the terms of service and agreement page and should you deem it acceptable, click the 'agree' button. You will be taken to the payment page.
4) Please enter the agreed upon payment amount in Japanese Yen and the correct information in all of the required fields.  Important Note: All transactions must be carried out in Japanese Yen.
5) After the payment is made, please contact the shop by e-mail to alert us of your payment.

***Should any questions  or problems arise, we encourage you to contact us so that we may help you.  Thank you..


  • Coupon News

    [05/16 18:52]
    New customers are encouraged to use our 'Welcome Coupon'. 

     All first time customers are eligible for a 3000 yen discount off 
    of their session fee simply by telling the reception staff t
    hat you would like to receive the discount.  

    Customers that contact staff with a blocked cellular phone number are ineligible. 
    *Please note: First time customers still must pay the hotel fee 
    and a nomination fee- a 1000 yen fee applied to customers
    that choose a specific Dominatrix.


  • Rui Takamura

    B85 W64 H90
  • Silvia

    B85 W60 H88
  • Akira

    B82(C) W54 H85
  • Ayano


    B98 W66 H90