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Thank you for visiting our Official English Website. 
This is an introduction of our club to prospective clients.

Our club seeks to unite high level dominatrix with submissive 
and/or masochistic customers.  All submissive customers (male and female) are welcome!

Our club employs dominatrix of various appearances, sizes, and skills. 
 All of your secret desires can be fulfilled with our highly trained mistresses.

 Location : Shinkitano area (Juso station) Osaka city Osaka Pref. Japan  
Tel. 81-6-6732-9372 Open 13:00 - 22:00

Photo blog

  • Silvia

    チューリップ♪ 12/10 13:16



    JYURIA 12/10 11:42

    短いスカートでおつかいを命じられ イチジク浣腸10個入りを大きな声で注文 内緒で浣腸を注入され街中引きづり回され 見世物にされた後はたっぷりと可愛いがってあげる とってもいい子だったわ

  • Yuta

    Rope practice part 2 12/09 16:12

    This is the rear view of my previous post.  You know you want to be robbed of the use of your hands!  Constraint will set you free!╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

  • Yuta

    Rope practice 12/09 16:10

    I am honing my bondage skills and I hope you Subbies appreciate my hard work!♪

  • Candy

    Nanami continued! 12/09 14:58

    Of course the bullying continued as a I laughed and abused your dick/clit and your boypussy!  I even used a toy to tease you that was abouot the same size as your tiny dick!  I will use it again....and a lot of other toys....so I hope you are prepared!ψ(`∇´)ψ

  • Mizuki

    Mozaki 12/09 14:34

    This was an enema session that almost went too far!  This day, I couldn't stop laughing!

Credit Card Payment

Instructions for Credit Card Payments: 

1) Please click the 'Credit Card Payment' banner on the Official English Website page.  You will be taken to the 'Keyword' page.  
2) Please enter the keyword 'Domina' in the 'Authentication Key' box and press enter.  Please note that 'Domina' is spelled with a capital 'D' . You will then be taken to the 'Terms of Service and Agreement' page.
3) Please read the terms of service and agreement page and should you deem it acceptable, click the 'agree' button. You will be taken to the payment page.
4) Please enter the agreed upon payment amount in the appropriate currency and the correct information in all of the required fields 
5) After the payment is made, please contact the shop by e-mail to alert us of your payment.

***Should any questions  or problems arise, we encourage you to contact us so that we may help you.  Thank you..


  • Coupon News

    [05/16 18:52]
    New customers are encouraged to use our 'Welcome Coupon'. 

     All first time customers are eligible for a 3000 yen discount off 
    of their session fee simply by telling the reception staff t
    hat you would like to receive the discount.  

    Customers that contact staff with a blocked cellular phone number are ineligible. 
    *Please note: First time customers still must pay the hotel fee 
    and a nomination fee- a 1000 yen fee applied to customers
    that choose a specific Dominatrix.


  • Mizuki

    B97 W58 H61
  • Candy

    B84 W56 H82
  • Alum

    B83 W58 H86

    B98 W66 H90
  • Tsuki

    B80 W57 H83