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身長 168cm
スリーサイズ B:77(A) W:62 H:83
お店から She loves bondage and wants to learn more SM skills.
She joined our club because she wants to know the deeper world of SM.

She is a cool beauty with a model figure, but has a friendly personality.

Her experience as a dominatrix is just beginning.
She is a very curious, ambitious, hard-working, and talented young lady
who is fluent in English,
We would appreciate your cooperation.

Mistress Koto is one of our newest mistresses and we are delighted that
she has decided to join our club.
Once you see her, you will understand why!
A true beauty in the high fashion sense and a bubbly personality to go along with it!
Mistress Koto is not a complete new comer to the SM world.
She has had some previous experience and was looking to expand her opportunities
to grind up the most perverted among you!  

While Mistress Koto is just beginning her career as a professional dominatrix,
it would be incorrect to assume that she is without skill.
In particular, hemp rope bondage.....
guaranteed to leave marks on those perverts that want a reminder of their experience days later!
Also, if you have every had the yearning for a beautiful,
young woman to bend you over and help you get in touch with your feminine side,
well you are in luck!

Mistress Koto has just the strap on dildo for you!
How many of you are aware of the lynching fetish?
In the Japanese fetish world, it involves getting beaten down and humiliated by a woman
in a traditional Japanese school uniform.
Trust us, Mistess Koto definitely has the legs for it and the youthful appearance to pull it off!

Mistress Koto wants you to know that
'I am open to playing with everyone and anyone and am completely open-minded.
Don't be afraid to be yourself and to share your perversions with me!
I am an empath and I truly connect with the emotion you emit when you arer living out your fantasies!
I am truly looking forward to connecting with, and playing with perverts like all of you"'.

女の子から I’m very openminded and greedy to know the world.
Don’t be afraid to be yourselves,
I love to see you living high on emotions,
connected with desires and impulses.
I will be very pleased to meet and play with hentai like you.

Obedience corse (1) "Rope teasing"

The victim is tied up with a hemp rope and bullied.
Also, direct abuse such as beating, pinching, tickling, etc., and abuse using tools such as whips, candles, etc. are included,

Hemp rope only. BDSM Beginners are also welcomed.
I also recommend using gravity-defying bondage with a rope suspension.

There is a possibility of rope marks and scars.
Combinations with other courses and intrusions are also welcome.

I am good at rope play and like to play with rope as much as possible.
I am interested in studying new bondage techniques using a rope suspension.

(2) "Kinky Walking"

Basically, it feels good to be outside,
I will try to play as much as I am allowed outdoors.
I would like to use words well to incite the sense of shame felt in the outdoors.

I would also recommend this to those who are not brave enough to play in a hotel.

Examples of possible play:

Walking around with a remote vibrator in the anus
Playing pet on a riverbed
Walking around with genitalia tied and ejaculation controlled.
Walking while wearing a diaper after giving an enema
Lynching in a secluded corner
Walking in clothes after being tied up with a rope so that the rope cannot be seen.

You can also consult with me about what you would like to do.
I hope you can enjoy the sense of shame and immorality of sharing our secret. Cafe use is also possible.

I have no sense of shame in society,
I want to enjoy kinky fun in the open air.
I would like to play as openly as allowed by law.

(iii) "Destruction of self-esteem"

I will destroy your self-esteem by making you do verbal abuse and tricks without using tools.
This may include light slapping or kicking, depending on the situation.

The child is forced to wear embarrassing outfits and is made to feel foolish.
Training you to be good human furniture.
Being scolded for imperfections.

Recommended for those who want to be scolded with honest words, and for those who get off on being humiliated and scorned.

I have a wide perversion tolerance and a tendency to be gentle,
I would like to improve my skills of being harsh and verbal abuse.
English English Speaker
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