• M course

    • 60min
    • 90min
    • 120min
    • 150min
    • 180min
    • Extend 30min

    *Nomination fee:  If a client decides to nominate a particular Dominatrix, 
    there is a 1000 yen surcharge (roughly 10 dollars).

  • Optional fee

    • Coprophagy session or Vominatrix
  • M course for Female

    • All course discount

      *Female discounts only apply to clients born female.

  • Absolute obedience course

    • 60min

      *Nomination fee is included

    Causion! : You cannot make any requests to the Dominatrix.
    The Dominatrix with decide the content of play.
    Clients are expected to respect and follow all 
    of the Dominatrix demands.
    Please consult the individual Dominatrix profiles to see each content.

  • Imprison course

    • Maximum 5 hours

      Hotel fee is included.

    In terms of duration, the imprisonment course is the longest course we offer.  
    It will run up to 5 hours.  
    You will be visited in your room by a Mistress of the Club's choosing.  
    The Mistress will stay for a total of 30 minutes.  
    After the initial 30 minutes you will be tied, or locked up etc., and left alone for 30 minutes.  
    This pattern will continue 5 more times.  
    It is important to note that you will never be visited by the same Mistress consecutively and at no time are you able to request a certain Mistress. 

    We have many options that are available in this course.  
    You can arrange story play, or role play fantasies.  
    Your play can be soft to hard and everything in between.  
    You may wish to start off slowly and have the visits build in intensity.  
    Crossdressing options are available for the slave and you may wish to make requests about the Mistresses costumes etc.  
    The Schoolgirl Bullying option, the full Mistress experience, Pet Training, Prison torture or the Strict Office Lady are some of the things you might want to consider.  

    Should you want to be locked up with the Mistresses panties or socks etc, 
    please remember that you will be expected to reimburse the club for the item cost.  
    They are yours to keep after the session is complete.  
    Should you have any questions , we recommend that you send an email to our office staff.  We will get back to you promptly.  

    *Due to the difficulties in arranging this type of session, we ask that you take every precaution to arrive on time and please refrain from cancellations and rescheduling.

    5 dominas visit hotel room in order every 30 minutes 5 times and play 30minutes and you will be left alone for 30min in hotel room.
    You can arrange some kind of story play, role play,womanwear,bontage or so on.
    ※It Does not mean that the same mistress visit your room 5 times.
       You will  never know which mistress will visit your room.

  • Multipl session

    • 2 dominas 60min
    • 2 dominas 90min
    • 3 dominas 75min
    • 3 dominas 105min
    • 4 dominas 75min
    • 4 dominas 105min
  • Anal Dominasm Course : Anal Sensitivity Training and Dominasm are courses available to our customer in which the prostate is stimulated via rectal penetration. The stimulation of the prostate will allow our customers to orgasm repeatedly without ejaculation. Multiple orgasms are possible. This is referred to as a 'dry orgasm' and it is the closest a male can come to replicating a female orgasm.

    • 60min
    • 90min
    • 120min

    Our Queens that specialize in the Anal domination course 
    have a combination of advanced technology, 
    physiological (anatomical) study and vast experience to earn their title of Specialist.

    *Only professional dominatrix can accommodate:
    Mistress Mizuki,Ran,Akira,Yuta,Ayano,Tsuki
    *Play content is only anal play.

  • Anal Dominasm Practicing Course

    • 60min
    • 90min
    • 120min

    These Domina have completed the first level of study in Anal stimulation
    through the shop and are assisted by the same technology
    used by the Specialists without the same degree of study and experience.

    *Dominatrix who are practicing anal dominasm technics can accommodate:
    Mistress Jyuria,Kaede,Yuki, Rio,Alum
    *Play content is only anal play.

  • Golden Shower Course

    • 15min

      Only evacuation, not include play session

    • 20min

      Golden shower and spit,hand jobs includes, not include play session

  • Coprophagy session or Vominatrix

    • 45min

      Only evacuation, not include play session


Instructions for Credit Card Payments: 

**It is important to note that all credit card payments are subject to a 12% additional surcharge to cover the credit card processing fee.

1) Please click the 'Credit Card Payment' banner on the Official English Website page.  You will be taken to the 'Keyword' page.  
2) Please enter the keyword 'domina' in the 'Authentication Key' box and press enter.  Please note that 'domina' is all spelled with small letter . You will then be taken to the 'Terms of Service and Agreement' page.
3) Please read the terms of service and agreement page and should you deem it acceptable, click the 'agree' button. You will be taken to the payment page.
4) Please enter the agreed upon payment amount in Japanese Yen and the correct information in all of the required fields.  Important Note: All transactions must be carried out in Japanese Yen.
5) After the payment is made, please contact the shop by e-mail to alert us of your payment.

***Should any questions  or problems arise, we encourage you to contact us so that we may help you.  Thank you..