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Who wants to buy my shoes?

2018/10/30 18:18:07

These shoes have seen a lot of wear!  And they can be yours for 3000 yen!  Make sure to contact Club Domina! 
The silver ones have seen a little too much wear and are already broken and the yellow ones are probably going to break soon!

Hotel Liberte

2018/10/28 16:26:09

Today is, Golden shower rush!


2018/10/24 10:16:49

I will come back to Tokyo again soon!
Because it is going to be a non-stop party, please come at this time!
Since I will leave Japan again from November 13,
I am busy but I have no time to rest with all of you perverts wanting to play!

Play with Sadako

2018/10/19 17:50:47

LOL that was a pretty heavy play on the first day at work!
The Sperm Option is available from today to Sunday!
Well, I plan to play HARD!