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Apri begins tomorrow.

2019/03/31 20:04:07

I am leaving the country so the 3rd and 4th, I will be working from 2-6.
And then POOF!
I will be gone. Make your reservations and lets end Heisei with a SM bang!^_^

From Tomorrow....

2019/03/26 21:18:07

Right up until the 31st!
Your chance all sorts of fucked up shit with another man while I run the show!
The sperm option is back so you should book soon!

Leather Boots

2019/03/25 10:06:11

I had a special request for leather boots so I chose these bad boys!
Watching the little pervert get excited sniffing them was so cute!

Is That My Corset?

2019/03/23 16:14:07

I get so many requests by sissies to wear my clothes!
I am running out of clothes for myself!
Some of my Kinkies need to start shopping for me!