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Hair Color!

2019/05/30 15:30:08

Image change! Only four more days before I leave so I am enjoying the early days of Japan's summer!


2019/05/27 21:26:07

It was down to my knees and is suddenly only down to my ass! 
It was!  So easy now because it was toooooo long before!  Day after day I will change hair salons a little. Fufu.

IV Drip...Down but not Out!

2019/05/24 16:00:14

I came back from Tokyo!
I had a high fever for a while and I was trying to take my medicine and I was trying my best, but finally I crashed and burned.  Ended up in the hospital
It was quite severe and I was given an intravenous feed almost immediately.
Thanks to it, I was able to join Amarcord and it was fun!
I will go to work tomorrow.
It will be about 12 days left, so please come and share your perverted passions with me!.

Tokyo Alpha Inn

2019/05/22 19:36:10

It has been a while!
 A lot of fun can be had in the torture room! is nice to be appreciated! Booked full tomorrow.
 I am in Shinjuku Amarcord from the evening.

Selection until Sunday!

2019/05/16 19:44:08

The selection period to enjoy to your advantage finishes Sunday!  Please hurry up!
 I will go to Tokyo next week!
 On the night of the 23rd, I will enter as a guest at a fetish bar in Shinjuku, Amarcoldo.
 Please come to play if you have time.
 My next departure is June 5th!  I will be gone a long time.
 Photos are cool after play!