Photo blog


2019/08/27 10:36:08

I feel like I was just on the bullet train yesterday!
Yup, three days in a row on the Shinkansen!
Let's go to Tokyo!

Busy Busy Busy

2019/08/25 20:06:08

Sudden Nagoya business trip!  Lol!
 Back in Osaka tomorrow at noon!

Cute M woman

2019/08/25 20:04:07

 I got an amazing M girl today!
 You can play together with her on Sunday!
 Applicants should contact Domina now!  Lol

Photo Shoot!

2019/08/22 19:18:11

I was modelling today!  And despite the heat, we could ramp up the fetish vibe!  This wasn't my only look.  I was in a full rubber suit for part of the shoot also! I am looking forward to seeing the final result!  Next week is Tokyo!  Don't delay and miss out!


2019/08/19 11:16:09

I'm always on Nozomi, but today I'm heading to Hakata on Mizuho!
The old guys are staring but I don't care! Lol!