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2019/04/19 15:34:10

The glee I feel when I am trampling one of my slaves is hard to desribe.
I can feel him squish and begin to heat up and sweat! It is almost a detox session! It is almost a childike joy as I keep stepping!(^^)

New Costume & New Heels

2019/04/17 21:46:06

He is a big fan of my I  lent him my corset and heels.
When I took them back, they were covered with his sweat! 
He got punished for that!😂

Matching Version 2!

2019/04/16 09:30:07

Two more pictures of matching outfits.
This time it is Mistress Mizuki and l.
We were laughing so hard I thought I was going to die!
Even looking back at the photos makes me laugh hard enough that I am probably going to fuck up this post! 😂

Matching 1!

2019/04/15 17:56:06

By accident or on purpose?
Both Mistress Akira and our plaything were sporting dumpling hairstyles! Coincidence? Maybe....


2019/04/04 18:50:07

Just me in my tailor-fit mannequin style rubber suit! Can you find the happy face? 😂😂