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2019/01/18 16:42:07


Threesomes and Foursomes!

2019/01/15 16:00:07

Today I joined forces with MIstress Ayano and Mistress Mizuki! 
I could feed off of their aura and power! 
Such a rejuvinating and fun experience!

Event ticket

2019/01/07 18:30:11

January 26th, from 16:00, there will be an SM event at Moerado in Umeda.  Strongest vs. Strongest! 
If you are interested, please contact the Domina reception staff for advance tickets!

Happy New Year!

2019/01/06 21:28:05

 A little belated but I wish you all the best in 2019!
I hope we can enjoy some eventful encounters and some fun times!


2018/12/29 22:24:06

Thank you all for a fantastic year!
2018 was fantastic and I wish you all the best in 2019!