Photo blog


2019/05/16 17:46:06

A little something to teach you restraint while looking cool!


2019/05/11 20:10:08

When you are having a 3p with Mistress Mizuki and is pretty safe to say that you have reached the top of the BDSM mountain!  Game, set and match!


2019/05/07 23:26:06

When someone takes the time to appreciate my work it is very pleasing.
Thank you!

Tongue Gag

2019/05/05 15:14:06

No contest. Metal is by far the best material!

Mistress Yuta's Return

2019/05/04 17:00:08

Our own beautiful - and abusive -Mistress Yuta held sessions yesterday and they sold out fast! Keep checking in and reserve early if you want to meet her!