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Reading Opportunity

2020/04/19 17:56:07

Great chance to get caught up on some reading!  Easy to start...but difficult to continue (lol)!
How is everyone doing?

Temporary Closure

2020/04/14 17:12:06

From April 16th to May 6th,
we will be closing our doors for coronavirus infection control
We will resume again on the 7th of May.

Please take care of yourself.

Suspension Bondage has Begun!

2020/04/09 18:28:06

From April 11th,  Mistress Rio's toy course
has been updated to include suspension bondage!
She has practiced very very diligently!
Hanging allows you to lose your sense of stability.
Come experience it!
The image is  a dirty boy horizontally restrained by Mistress Rio!.

Rope Bondage

2020/04/08 15:36:07

Practice makes perfect!  Study, Study, Study!

From Wita Sextopia

2020/04/01 15:30:06

We received a wonderful article with the image of Wita's 9th anniversary
Thank you, Mr. Shiho!