Photo blog

Pervert Picnic

2019/03/25 23:26:21

We laid out a nice little spread...and then this pervert devoured everything! Seconds, thirds, he just kept eating.
Of course he licked the plates clean, too!
Piggy, piggy! 

Merry-Go-Round Room

2019/03/23 12:54:17

First I filled him full of enema fluid and then we rode the horse together!  Pretty sure that horse experienced a lot of trauma! :)

Early Morning Tour of Ise

2019/03/14 15:30:10

For the first time in my life, I went to Ise! 
It was really cold but I could see a beautiful sunrise! 
A great way to spend the end of the Heisei era!

Slave Training Facility

2019/03/04 15:30:07

Bad Slave! 
You know what happens when you excuse yourself to the bathroom. 
You think I don't know that you are just trying to get a break and that you don't really have to go? 
I know everything! 
Now kneel on the abacus board and reflect on your bad behaviour!