Photo blog

A Maid Made Captive :)

2019/04/30 06:54:13

This french maid was tied to a chair and scolded soundly. 
I couldn't help but play around under her fluffy little skirt. 
I had to laugh at how little I found there!(m`∀´)m

Mistress Rui, The Mummy and I!

2019/04/15 20:06:21

By the time I entered the room, Mistress Rui had almost completed the mummy!
Quite the scene to walk into!
Just the nipples and the jewels were exposed!
Easy to go to work! Haha!(m`∀´)m

Commemorative Photo

2019/04/12 22:04:13

After the session we took three different pictures but I didn't like the glare in two of them....
so just this picture! Next time let's take a more humiliating photo during the play, not after!(m`∀´)m

Rampage Whipping!

2019/04/10 16:32:14

Standing there like Joe Joe Tachi (popular Japanese Comic Book) before the beating begins!