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Glamour Shots!!

2019/08/21 19:34:10

I am surrounded by red hemp rope
It was very fresh and fun (´ ▽ `) ノ
Keep watching the homepage to see the photos when they are uploaded! ~

3p with Mistress Yuta

2019/08/12 20:22:13

Today I had the rare chance to play with Mistress Yuta and our slave! 
What a great time! 
We can't show much because our slave requested us to conceal his identity but we got into some very complex and beautiful bondage play! 
The color contrast of the red and blue rope were awesome! 
Hope to do it again!

Testicle Mitt!

2019/08/07 19:38:11

Too much ballbusting and you always end up on your hands and knees!
 He did his best without giving up to the end!  ε = ε = (ノ ≧ ∇ ≦) ノ
 My selection period ends today, but thank you all for coming in the hot (^ people ^)
 It was a fun way to beat the heat!
 Summer is still going on ☆
 Let's do our best so that we wo n’t be crazy!

urethral stimulation junkie

2019/08/05 20:14:17

He is a urethral stimulation junkie.  Starts with the boojie, moves to the baby finger, and finishes with a ring finger!  Once he starts he cannot stop!  Lots of dirty talk to go along with fingerfucking his dick!  Lucky boy!  He won the lottery today!