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2020/05/22 19:14:09

It is Jyuria. Long time no see!
I'll be back tomorrow. I'm looking forward to SM after a long break!


2020/04/06 17:12:07

Forced Chastity and Ejaculation Management 

 I think that I will allow you to cum after several mores days of severe electrical current training
 Electric current humiliation and squeezing the life out of the head and shaft of your cock!

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze!


2020/03/27 12:18:08

Mr. T is slowly becoming Miss T. It seems his breasts are swelling and his cock  looks more like a clit. I am slowly teaching him the pleasures of being a woman! Step by step!


2020/03/24 18:18:09

Erogenous zones were on full alert.
He couldn't stop from squealing no matter where II touched him.
He kept guarding his pecker but I didn't give up easy!


2020/03/22 21:00:12

From head to toe,  It is all mine!  My foot rest!

You seemed so excited when I jammed my foot in your mouth!

Next time, I ’ll go deeper....and with both feet!