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2019/08/14 12:34:16

He has ultra sensitive nipples.....and when I order him to touch them while I watch, he slips into ecstasy.
Next time, I think that I will arrange a show so that he can perform his dirty little nipple play in front of many!


2019/08/10 14:20:15

Queen Silvia and 3P

So frustrating to live as a man when inside, you are all woman!

She undertook special throat relaxation training.  She will be a cocksucker extraordinaire!


2019/08/07 17:32:17

 I pulled them, rolled them around my hand and tried to stuff them back inside of him.

He was practising deep breathing to manage the pain.

But I didn't stop until he couldn't handle it anymore!.


2019/08/05 16:56:16

He was a woman for a time.....
But today was his coming out as a man.  He grew into a beautiful body with sensitive nipples.  It was so cute to watch his expression with his body quivering!  The ecstasy was a little overwhelming for him! 

JYURIA Couple Play!

2019/08/03 20:02:19

Usually she is the one that he humiliates but they came to me for some reverse training! 
She was shy at first but she definitely got into the swing of things as she followed my lead! 
He was so excited! 
It might be a long time before he is able to act dominant with her again! 
It was a pleasure to work with a couple that has such a strong connection!  Let's do it again!