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JYURIA Couple Play!

2019/08/03 20:02:19

Usually she is the one that he humiliates but they came to me for some reverse training! 
She was shy at first but she definitely got into the swing of things as she followed my lead! 
He was so excited! 
It might be a long time before he is able to act dominant with her again! 
It was a pleasure to work with a couple that has such a strong connection!  Let's do it again!


2019/07/30 12:32:17

Our little boy T is becoming more and more a bitch in heat. 
She loves performing for my private friends!


2019/07/26 17:20:12

He was sniffing every part of me like a horny dog! 
What a perv!  Once he started licking my feet his dick looked like it was going to explode! 
Horny little foot licking doggy!


2019/07/24 19:50:16

Check out this big, fat dick! Usually we play with the little ones!
He tried so hard not to cum he broke out in a sweat!


2019/07/23 14:58:15

Mistress Sylvia and I had some really fun times the other day.  We took our kinky for a walk outside, but not before we had tied his naked body with red bondage rope....and yes,,,,it was painfully obvious through his clothes!  I do not think he will be forgetting the feeling of being attacked by two beautiful women out in the open any time soon!