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2019/07/19 16:28:17

A job worth doing is a job worth doing well! 
And today, Loser, your job is cleaning the toilet.....with you tongue!
Do a good job or you will do it twice!


2019/07/18 16:14:18

We had to put that big dick on the table to check its size.....but not before I put you in a nose hook.
After all, we have to make you into a real pervert if we are going to put you on display for many women.....and men!
Motivation for you to keep training and keeping your body tight!
Next time you are on display, things are going to get even more kinky!


2019/07/15 10:20:19

With the doors and windows open and you on full display, it was the perfect time for kinky play! 
I loved how you begged me to take you into my possession!
Next time, Bitch, I will make you pretty!


2019/07/09 12:38:12

Miss such a dirty little slut! Once again she begged me to bring my amateur friends over to shave her tiny boy clit smooth again! DIRTY WHORE!


2019/07/01 18:22:17

You have been put up for slave auction to cover your debts.

This training is a small taste to see if you are going to be able to handle the real thing.

It is all up to you how successful a slave you will be.