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2019/06/02 17:14:16

Mistress Sylvia and I worked hard to make this little bitch pretty and then we stood her in front of the mirror.  We wanted her to remember what she looked like when she was an innocent girl......because from now we will be transforming her into a dirty, little slut!


2019/06/01 12:10:18




2019/05/27 22:24:18

He came to meet me in the merry-go-round room.
It was his first time. Apparently, his relationship with his partner is a little too vanilla and he needed to let his perversions free!
We did.everything in front of the window to help that along!


2019/05/26 20:36:14

A fantastic night that included this gentleman and my pretty slave girl. 
I often wonder what relationship her and I would have if we had met earlier.  By the time we met, she was already married and living a lie with her husband.
It is only in this world that the facade falls and she can be her true self.


2019/05/24 18:28:17

We have had many new patients visit the Domina Clinic recently!  Mostly, we are dealing with the anally fixated on an outpatient basis!  But we are well prepared to treat all sorts of perverted disorders!  Do not hesitate!  Get treated today!