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2019/05/02 13:16:17

Thanks to my encouragement and a whole lot of confinement training, he has gradually transformed into a woman...with big tits!

Wash away the masculine you from your memory.
You are a girly girl now!


2019/04/27 17:10:16

Women's panties on your head to hide your shame. 
Tied up with your manhood esposed waiting for its execution!


2019/04/24 12:42:07

The rebirth of a! His body fully exposed and the chains that bind him clinking. 
He is able to embrace his real I step on the thin skin between his fingers with my spike heels!


2019/04/22 21:02:18

He has not been a good boy....which is why he is being displayed in front of all of you!
There are consequences to bad behavior!


2019/04/20 12:26:18

I invited my friends to join in a forced crossdressing party!
They were able to jump right in and follow my lead!
We were able to trasform him into our female plaything!