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2019/11/28 17:50:12

My private toilet!
Today was a little unusual...
It was all a little too overwhelming for him!
What he doesn't know is that it is going to get even more intense next time!


2019/11/27 20:06:16

It was your first time being fucked from behind

 You worry that someone may find out.

 Drowning in unbearable pleasure

 Your whole body convulsed as I fucked you

 I wonder if you will commit more aggressively next time


2019/11/24 12:32:15

You are completely controlled by me.

 I have turned you into a toy for my friends.

 It will be how you learn to release stress.

 I wonder how fucked up you will end up being?


2019/11/20 22:16:12

Private time for two!
Your bad attitude makes me want to bo particularly nasty!
Enjoy the view! I think you are going to like it!


2019/11/13 17:04:13

 Excretion management

It is all up to you.

Manage the body through strength of will!