Photo blog


2019/12/28 17:52:08

Mistress Ayano, Mistress Yuta and I treated Mr. K to some pretty intense enema play. 
Syringe after syringe, we filled him......basically until he exploded!


2019/12/25 21:24:08

I attended a Christmas party with some of my lovely friends. 
I found out that if you add strawberries to champagne it becomes magical!


2019/12/24 20:50:08

Mr. K was admitted to the Domina hospital! 
This patient was attended to by Nurse Akirak, Nurse Tsuki, and myself! 
What a lucky patient! 
It was only when he was completely filled up that he could begin to heal!



2019/12/22 18:00:09

The pink lingerie was so cute

Your cute dick was also shaved smooth!

You went from a toilet to being really cute!  Impressive transformation!

Still greedy, though!  You took everything I had into your mouth!

Next time, next step!


2019/12/19 20:00:09

We returned to a familiar place and you could see his confidence build!  The energy he got from being seen dressed up as a sexy woman made him want to burst!  Next step, more perverse!