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2020/03/27 12:18:08

Mr. T is slowly becoming Miss T. It seems his breasts are swelling and his cock  looks more like a clit. I am slowly teaching him the pleasures of being a woman! Step by step!


2020/03/24 18:18:09

Erogenous zones were on full alert.
He couldn't stop from squealing no matter where II touched him.
He kept guarding his pecker but I didn't give up easy!


2020/03/22 21:00:12

From head to toe,  It is all mine!  My foot rest!

You seemed so excited when I jammed my foot in your mouth!

Next time, I ’ll go deeper....and with both feet!


2020/03/19 17:06:10

Original Japanese toilet

 Squatting makes it easier to use!

 Don't close your mouth until I am done!


2020/03/15 12:22:07

Thia is the perfect view for you, isn't it?! You look so happy to suffer for us!