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2020/06/29 18:26:07

We had a bikini party for the first time in a long time!

The hot summer days seem to make my amateur friends more bold!

The bikinis get smaller every time we meet!


2020/06/26 12:02:07

Don't take off your collar when you're spending time with me!

 Today's training burns the smell of my pantyhose into Ms. K's head. I have been wearing them for several days!

 Even when I'm away, he will remember this time and remember my attacks again and again.

 I'll beat him into becoming a more nasty woman!


2020/06/24 15:30:08

In this season, wearing pantyhose all day long makes it easy to get sweaty in my heels.  
As soon as I took them off, my toes gradually became more wet.  
How many days should I wear them?


2020/06/23 14:20:08





2020/06/20 17:42:09

Deprived of freedom and imprisoned in a humiliating fasion!

 I wonder how it felt like being trained by the Queens one after another and being fucked?

 I've have gagged this little monkey so Ihe can't scream out!

 At first I thought you couldn't handle being bullied by so many various people!