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2019/08/24 15:12:18


Fire works in Juso

2019/08/08 18:28:06

Club Domina is shop holiday on 8/10.
Enjoy fire works festival!

Heavy Rainfall!?

2019/07/27 21:54:19

 I'm going to work!

 Thank you very much for coming last week, my pet!

Domina Selection!

2019/06/09 15:00:26

From, today, I am the domina selection rep! Discount applies! Today, I gave my seat to an elderly gentleman with a cane and in return he gave me fortune telling xhocolate! I wonder if there is some way to incorporate it into play? Come see me this week!

Nice Days Ahead!

2019/05/02 14:44:22

Look for me the next time I am at the Club!