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Domina Selection!

2019/06/09 15:00:26

From, today, I am the domina selection rep! Discount applies! Today, I gave my seat to an elderly gentleman with a cane and in return he gave me fortune telling xhocolate! I wonder if there is some way to incorporate it into play? Come see me this week!

Nice Days Ahead!

2019/05/02 14:44:22

Look for me the next time I am at the Club!

Thank you for today!

2019/04/29 20:36:18

I hope I was able to satisfy a lot of your perverted curiousities!

Photo session

2019/04/27 14:32:17

A View of Things to Come 
All dressed up and going to work!

It is Sunday.

2019/03/31 11:04:29

You who came to be hung last week.
Were you okay after that? ? Please comment on the blog if you like.
Thank you for all the souvenirs.