Photo blog

Bondage Boom!

2020/06/19 13:26:08

Recently, I have been on a bondage boom! 
I am practicing like crazy!
I won't stop until it is mastered! 
I am enjoying it so much I had to share! 
If anyone is interested, you know what to do.......!

Blog update!

2020/05/26 14:44:06

 At the end of the newcomer period, I wrote a blog about my current state of mind ~ ✨
Check it out!  
The photo was taken at the anniversary event of for Wita Sextopia and was taken to commemorate the yearly cherry blossom period.  😊

Suspension Practice

2020/03/28 07:40:07

I am getting skilled in suspension bondage,regardless of gender ~ 🙌  Once you are suspended, I can stand between your legs and do as I like.  Because your limbs are restrained and floating in the air, you are helpless!  I want to do it quickly!  Please come to the store if you can handle it.

Rhombus and Buddha seats!

2020/03/15 19:08:06

You can be tied like this, too!
You can be restrained,, folded small, fixed in an embarrassing appearance, etc ...
We are also practicing hanging bondage!
I'm waiting for someone who wants to be tied up by me! ♡


2020/01/21 19:34:06